Kitchen contentment for ordinary days

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life – in my kitchen. ~


round button chicken

We’re back to hum-drum daily life, but people still have to eat every day – three times a day!

It’s best to keep a cheerful perspective on the whole thing, otherwise the only option will be to weep. But, with handy tricks for making our food instantly taste better, how can we not be inwardly amused about the whole thing?

It’s like Jedi mind-tricks in the kitchen.


Nothing is prettier on a cold morning to a homeschooling mother than the sight of her children preparing breakfast.

And I love the little helper that pops in to help even her brothers, and the audience she sometimes sets up for them (and for me).


When life gives you eggnog, turn it into puffed oven pancakes!

I had some extra eggnog in the fridge, so I substituted the milk in our puffed oven pancakes for eggnog and it was subtle yet delicious.


So, one of my kids’ favorite dinners of late is black bean soup. Know what’s in it?

Chicken broth (usually homemade bone broth) and black beans.

That’s it.

It turns out you don’t even have to soak the black beans. I saw a comparison done at and they concluded the soup was actually better when you didn’t soak the beans, provided you had enough time to let them cook – it will take longer.

Well, I just dump the TWO ingredients in the crockpot with some salt and it has all day! Plenty of time.

Then we eat a slotted-spoonful of black beans with cornbread or with roasted potatoes or with chips and, of course, sour cream.

I think it’s pretty funny that this is a meal my kids rave about, but I’ll take it!


Real life homeschooling requires coffee, does it not?

I recently bought an Aeropress coffee maker, and I love it! I can make a single cup in less than 30 seconds, and it’s strong, delicious coffee. Plus, the maker itself is about the same size as my coffee cup!



It’s small, simple, and clever.


Don’t forget about my free menu plan printable:

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  1. Tracy
    | Reply

    Isn’t it amazing that sometimes the most simple things can be such a treat for our kids? I remember one mom of many telling me that we always make side dishes so complicated- but there really is nothing wrong with just serving a side of veggies…steamed with some butter…we don’t have to panic and make it fancier all the time! On that note, I am totally going to try out your black beans and broth lol! It sounds way too super simple.

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