SC002: Daily Faithfulness

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Festina Lente, or Faithfulness

Season 1: Education is For Life

This phrase, Festina Lente, juxtaposes both briskness and plodding. We should make haste because we should not be stagnant or lethargic, but we also should go forward slowly because, as Erasmus put it,

Things that are foreseen and provided for by slow and gentle forethought are safer than what is hurried into action by hot and hasty heads.

So the maxim of festina lente opposes both laziness and impulsiveness. It requires both action and thought. It steers us from both sides of the ditch.

Faithfulness doesn’t imply large, impressive deeds. Faithfulness is all about doing what’s in front of you – your own duty, however humble that is – reliably and earnestly. Faithfulness does not evaluate how a duty ranks in the public eye or whether or not the duty will earn credit; faithfulness steadily fulfills its calling.

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“So that kings [mothers] would commit nothing through rashness they would regret, nor pass over through laziness anything that would tend to the well-being of the state [home], I ask you, what could be more prosperous, better grounded, and more stable than this kind of rule?” – Erasmus

Simple Sanity Saver: Brain Dump

I first learned about brain dumps from David Allen's time management classic, Getting Things Done. In it, he recommends executives block off an hour or two on a Friday, follow his prompts, and totally clear their heads of all the random tights and concerns. That's simply not feasible for the typical homeschooling mom. Our time is largely spoken for and any uninterrupted time is precious and scarce. Instead of trying to find a magical few hours to totally clear our heads, we need to simply turn to our brain dump in the margins, in the spare moments here and there, in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Keep the brain dump notebook handy with a pen and spend a few minutes in the morning, some time over lunch, a bit in the evening, and wherever you have a few moments in the day and jot down as much as you can about all the things rattling around in your head. It might take two weeks or even a month to wok through the prompts and spill it all onto paper, but that's ok. Some time to peel back the layers will likely ensure its a more thorough brain dump. Take your time and do your best to get all your obligations, ideas, concerns, goals, nagging suspicions, and hopes and dreams written down so you can use your mind to think about them rather than hold and juggle them. If you need help and tips for your brain dump, click the link below for the free brain dump guide which includes prompts as well as instructions and more.
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