SC010: The Law of the Lesson

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Season 2: Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own

Law 4: Law of the Lesson

Gregory begins with a defense of his position that children possess the innate ability to think, which I will simply assume and not summarize. If you aren’t sure if your children are able to think, you’ll have to read that part yourself.

The law of the lesson has its reason in the nature of the mind and in the nature of human knowledge.

Summary of the Seven Laws of Teaching

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Simple Sanity Saver: Audit Your Schedule

The next section in the homeschool audit guide is an audit of your schedule. There are prompts here to look at the overall schedule of the year, of the week, and of the day. The prompts also attempt to help you learn from the past and make adjustments to your schedule based on what you have learned about yourself and your kids and how you all work. There is no one ideal schedule. The best schedule is the one that happens, not the one that’s done by lunch or starts at 8. As you put together your daily and weekly schedule, shape it according to your own needs and not your imaginary ideal. Are you allotting enough time for your work? Are you planning on lessons taking a certain length of time because that’s the ideal or because that’s actually how long it takes you and your kids? Your schedule has to be realistic and take into account the whiny toddler, the diaper changes, and the broken washing machine - always budget plenty of extra time or you will always be scrambling.
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