SO001 | Interval Planning: Realistic Goal Setting

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Season 1: Interval Planning

An Interval Plan

Often when we plan out our goals, we think in year-long chunks of time, either personal goals in January or academic goals in August. If you’ve ever done this, perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s really difficult to keep those goals. A cycle I’m familiar with goes like this:

  • Commit to a huge life-overhaul, personal transformation sort of goal for the year.
  • Go for it gung-ho for two or three weeks in January.
  • Burn out in February.
  • Forget about it in March.
  • Remember and try again in April.
  • Be hit-or-miss in May.
  • Get distracted in June.
  • Remember again in August and try hard.
  • Have too many other things on my plate in September.
  • Remember in late October.
  • Feel like it’s too late now.
  • Give up until January.
But now I’ve found an way to avoid this cycle, to keep motivated, and to have goals while remaining flexible.

Read the original post here:

Realistic Goal Setting: Interval Training

Make your goals manageable. Then do them.

Download the free interval planning guide.

Follow the bibliographic trail

These are the books that inspired me to plan in short bursts rather than with long-term goal setting.

Set up a step-by-step system that is designed for intentional Christian moms.


Have questions about interval planning? Let’s talk in the comments!

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  1. Margaret
    | Reply

    Is there anyway I can download your podcasts with Podcast Addict? I’m trying not to clutter my phone with multiple apps. :)

    • Margaret
      | Reply

      Nevermind! P.A. was being flaky but it eventually cooperated & found your episodes.

  2. Hilary
    | Reply

    Oh, Misty. I like you…you’re funny and real. Live listening to you and you’re insights–some new and some echoing my recent thoughts about housework, homeschool and life, except you are much more eloquent!

    • Hilary
      | Reply

      * your
      Sheesh…that’ll teach me to proofread :p

  3. Dealish
    | Reply

    I like the points you have and I like the wording! So true that we can manage our home well and not have labeled totes and boxes. :) haha. I am learning to enjoy managing my home in this season! Three daughters with a fourth on the way in November. :) lots of prayer

  4. Kathaline Hansen
    | Reply

    Dear Mystie,
    the add to Android button doesn’t work on my older Samsung device. However, I do have Google play Music app on my tablet. But I have to go there and manually search for a podcast. Your podcast isn’t the only one I haven’t been able to use the ADD TO ANDROID app.

  5. Kathaline Hansen
    | Reply

    Also, Google Play Music only has episodes 42 season 7 “start with habits” to January 2018 on brain dump.

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      There was a technical glitch when we merged sites, but it should be resolved soon.

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