SO003 | Interval Planning: Take a restful break

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Season 1: Interval Planning

You need a break.

Breaking up your year into intervals is a simple way to sharpen your focus and stay engaged with projects and the things that need to be done to keep life at home rolling along. Instead of looking ahead over an entire year and making goals, try looking only at the next six weeks. What has to happen in the next six weeks? That’s a lot more clear usually.

The truth is, you don’t know what your life will be like in another 12 months, or even 6. Especially if you are still in the phase where your family is young and growing, you might not know if you’ll be pregnant, what the toddler’s nap routine will be like, and a million other variables. Instead of trying to control the details and plan out your life for an entire year (or more!), look at the next 6 weeks and determine what is most important in the phase that you are actually in right now rather than where you hope to be in the future. Faithfulness happens in the now, not the future, and God works with us where we are, not where we should be or want to be.

So embrace the now and work with it. Live it. And know that you’ll be able to handle the unpredictability of life by applying faithfulness and obedience as you go along.


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  1. Katrina
    | Reply

    The other day I realized that the natural pace of our family just doesn’t coincide with the public school calendar and I came looking for your year-round schooling information. So last week I switched us to an interval schedule for school and then ran across these articles today. It was nice that I had already planned out intervals so it was easy enough to just create a Trello board for my interval schedule and add in my projects and tasks. I also labeled my rest week as Creativity and Connections. I love the idea that the time can be used to stop and take a breath and focus on being creative and making connections. We still have things we need to accomplish but it’s such a relief to think that I have time blocked off to pursue things that might otherwise get lost in the day to day.

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