SO005 | Interval Planning: An example holiday plan

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Season 1: Interval Planning

Test out interval planning for Christmas preparations.

I’m a proponent of making short-term plans and goals – ones that can be tracked and kept top-of-mind easily. I call it ‘interval planning’ because I think it’s like interval training: Go all out for a short amount of time, then take a rest period, and you’ll progress more than if you just slog through at a consistent but slower rate.

The holidays provide a perfect example of and opportunity for an interval plan. Christmas is six weeks out, and then there’s a week afterward that is perfect for taking a break week.

Then, if you find intervals work for you, you can move into the new year with a new strategy.


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An Interval Plan for the Holidays

I received this email from a Simplified Organization member last week:

Between your class and Pam’s Plan Your Year, I have really been able to change myself and my thinking! I’m MUCH more productive. I love interval planning. I love knowing what my focus is for that interval. It truly does free up my brain!!

Try it out for yourself!

Download the free interval planning guide.

Make your goals manageable. Then do them.

Download the free interval planning guide.

Follow the bibliographic trail

These are the books that inspired me to plan in short bursts rather than with long-term goal setting.





Move forward with confidence.


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