SO010: Clean House with the End in Mind

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Season 2: Motivation to Clean

You need to know the point of your work.

The goal of housekeeping is to be ready for use.

The end goal of housekeeping is actually not to have a clean house. The clean house is itself a tool, not an end. A house being used for living, working, loving, serving is fulfilling its end. Keeping up with the maintenance is useful because it helps us live, work, love, and serve more effectively, not because the house’s natural, normal state is supposed to be some sort of static, sterile, pristine clean.

When we clean house as though the point is to arrive at an end state of Clean, then we’re bound to be frustrated and discouraged because clean never lasts. Part of that is due to the Fall and the imperfection of the world; however, part of that is due to simple use.

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Clean House with the End in Mind

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