SO013: EHAP, a tidy-house strategy

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Season 2: Motivation to Clean

EHAP: My secret to a mostly-tidy house

We have a small practice that saves the state of our house, almost every day. It’s simple and effective – as long as we do it. When I keep the time in the late afternoon regularly carved out for it, I can handle the intermittent chaos that descends as the kids work and play throughout the day. I know order will be restored, so I can take a deep breath and let them strew blankets and play food everywhere.

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EHAP: afternoon tidying to the rescue

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  1. […] SO013: EHAP, a Tidy-House Stategy […]

  2. Sandy
    | Reply

    Loved this! Thanks Mystie:-) I have tried your EHAP suggestions only to give up because it was easier to do it myself. The idea of everyone in one room all working together is the missing piece to the puzzle! We seem to have a more spread mess though, and my children are 6,4 and 1 so would you just begin for 2-3 zones and leave the rest? Or choose the worst zones and tackle those? I think I may meet with some serious resistance if we do the whole thing every night. We’ve got a diningroom/school table, a lounge, a playroom and then my girls have rest time in the study where there is Lego so that is also it’s own little zone. And the garden is often littered with shoes and blankets etc. I end up doing it myself when they have gone to bed. But they are not learning to work. And I am exhausted and newly pregnant and I’m desperate to make your EHAP system work.

  3. Sandy
    | Reply

    Wondering if I maybe have too much available at one time? Maybe it would work better to have mini EHAP’s throughout the day? Like, before we get something else out the Legos/train tracks/blocks have to be packed up?

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