Write a daily note.

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Organize your attitude #22

How do we keep track of all that needs to be done?

How, if we do track all that needs to be done, do we keep the most important tasks top of mind rather than lost in the sea of details?

We need to write a daily note.

The power of a little index card or post it note is in the brevity. It allows us to keep our expectations realistic and focused.

Selecting 3 priority tasks for the day and writing them down forces us to focus on gaining traction where it matters rather than get lost in the swarm of details.

But often when I’m choosing those three priority tasks, I have a tendency to actually choose extras. I tend to discount what I already need to do in the day and write down the top three things I want to do on top of what I already have going on.

This leaves me either frustrated or frazzled.

Our daily note needs perspective.

You might not feel that the normal things that we have to do in a day “count” much, and so put things on your daily list that will “count” in your own mind.

But what has God called us to in this day? Probably normal, average, typical jobs – done with joy. Certainly He has called us to have the law of kindness on our tongues.

Perhaps that is the sort of thing that we need to add to our daily list. I know it helps me when, instead of listing out project tasks I want to get to, I list not simply “finish homeschool day” but “finish homeschool day with a smile.” Or, instead of “write next blog post” choose to prioritize “look children in the eye when they talk.”

Writing down three priorities for the day is an excellent habit, one that does increase our likelihood of making progress, but as we do so we must actually choose our priorities and not our wishful thinking.

Here’s to realistic, short daily to do lists!

In the comments, share what’s on your daily note today!

Organize your attitude!

Writing a daily note can be an effective way to get more done and stay focused. But what you write matters. Your daily note should focus your attitude.

6 Responses

  1. Rachel
    | Reply

    Prepare art class
    Know what’s for dinner by 10
    Read aloud to the children

  2. Karin Owens
    | Reply

    Honestly, I’m not sure what would have been on my to do list today had I written one. Even if I had, it would have been thrown out the window first thing this morning when my daughter texted before I had even gotten dressed to come pick her up a day early from a worship arts camp she has been attending this week, which she loves so you know she must have felt lousy. Took her to the doctor, and it turns out she has mono. But isn’t that part of Mystie’s purpose in helping us with our organization. To learn to love what must be done. To learn to be flexible. To learn to submit our day to the Father even when it doesn’t go the way we want or we don’t accomplish anything on our to do list. Today His plan for me was to take care of and be there for my girl. That was the priority today. Tomorrow maybe I can make that list. Thank you, Mystie, for all your help, guidance, and encouragement. It helps and means more than you will ever know. Blessings!

  3. Janis
    | Reply

    I’ve read your advice on this several times, but today my daily note had at least a dozen things on it. Needless to say comma I only got about three things done. :)

    Somehow I never think that making dinner should be one of the big 3, but when you combine a brand new recipe with a new diet (gluten free), sometime making dinner is the most important thing I can do in the day.

  4. AnneN
    | Reply

    In addition to writing down three things to do, this is where I write out our meals for the day. I have a list of dinners for the week to choose from that I get together during weekly review, and during my evening review that’s when I write out exactly what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Knowing those things are already decided frees me up to be able to tackle the 3 to-dos. All of this assuming that I’m during my weekly and evening reviews of course. I’m trying to get back into the habit after the first trimester threw me out of it and into survival mode.

  5. fyonaf
    | Reply

    When I had three babies around, I used to write “feed babies” on my to do list (with about 8 boxes to check!). It was a helpful reminder at the end of the day that I had done something that day even if it didn’t feel like it :-). YES to reality! My list now has more variety, but I’m newly inspired to keep it short and sweet and realistic/necessary.

  6. Tara
    | Reply

    Plan zoo trip
    Help kids with planting project

    Thanks so much for these attitude posts! You have blessed me!

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