Build your house.

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Organize Your Attitude #39

The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down. – Proverbs 14:1

Our words build or tear down – there is no neutral. And what do they build up or tear down? Our own homes, our own families.

Every word we say, every look we give, communicates to our children and gives them identity – whether good or bad. We are their mothers. Even while arguing and complaining, they are looking to us for meaning, reassurance, and love.

It is within our power to give or to take.

Let us make sure our words give.

Even if our own attitudes stink and we say something harsh or rude – when we have torn down – we can build up yet stronger or tear down yet further. Words spoken and hugs given to seek forgiveness build stronger houses than words ignored and swept under the carpet.

Even when tearing down does happen, God graciously allows us to rebuild again and more strongly if we choose His path rather than our own and seek forgiveness and reconciliation, forgetting our pride and choosing humble obedience ourselves before demanding it of our children.

So often, the words spoken to talk a child out of a bad attitude hit home as well. Our house is built by our own attitude and our own ability to take our own advice. We need not only to give advice, but to show them how to follow it. That is building our house.

Our attitude, even without words, builds or tears down those within our homes, makes them stronger or weaker. That is one reason why it is so important to deal with. We need to take the steps to correct our own grumpiness and laziness and despondency while it is small, because if left unaddressed, such will grow into wolves that will huff and puff and show our houses to be made of twigs.

Kill the wolf while its a pup. Ask God for the bricks of love and lay them as the foundation and the strong walls of your home with the mortar of kindness and affection. Wolves might come howling, maybe your pet wolf, maybe someone else’s, but in a house of brick – a house built on love and forgiveness and kindness – we can boil those wolves for supper if they try to get in. No biggie.

Lay those bricks. Build your house. Organize your attitude.

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