Your Calendar Is Your Most Important Organization Tool

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When you want to get your life organized, what’s the first step? 

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know the first step is always a brain dump.

But then, once you have a brain dump that fills an entire notebook, where do you begin? What do you do with all that? Where does it go.

There are 5 important bins you need before you can start sorting and processing that brain dump, but the one you should set up first and the one you should make your priority is your calendar.

Your calendar is your most important organizational tool.

“Good!” you might think, “I already have one!”

But, do you?

Are you using it?

Is it 100% accurate?

Do you look at it?

Yeah, that’s the kicker, isn’t it?

Why you need an organized calendar.

Your calendar is a way of keeping track of your time-sensitive commitments. If you need to be somewhere or do something at a specific time, it needs to be in a spot where you will remember the time of that obligation.

Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a coordinated phone call, a lunch date, or a gym class, you need to see the landscape of your day, of your available hours, by looking at your calendar.

Our calendars tell us what time is already spoken for. They show us what we need to prepare for. They give us the hard lines within our days.

Without a trustworthy, accurate calendar, we stare at a day planner or out the window, trying to remember if there was anything else today. We miss appointments or scramble at the last minute. We double-book ourselves or have to bail on a friend because we forgot about the orthodontist appointment.

But when we have a complete calendar, we know our commitments and can make plans confidently.

The calendar is the organizational tool we should begin with. Before we set up apps or elaborate task management systems, we need to have a working calendar.

How to have an organized calendar in 3 easy steps.

  1. Have one calendar.
  2. Keep it 100% accurate.
  3. Look at it daily.

Not hard, right?

But, it is, actually.

You need ONE calendar, not two half-kept calendars, not this one here and that one there for those other things.

You need to put any time-based commitment on that one calendar, without fail, right away.

Then, you need to look at it morning and evening and sometimes even in between.

It’s simple, but it’s difficult.

Walk through the process of keeping a streamlined calendar system that makes life run more smoothly and with less stress.

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