Cultivate friendships.

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Organize your attitude #51

A too-oft overlooked way to brighten our attitudes and get them back on target is to talk to a friend.

We are not meant to live isolated lives. We are created to live in families and in church communities. The New Testament says we are like one body with our fellow believers, and we cannot say we have no need of them.

Friendships take time investment. But they are worth it. When we know we are not alone, we’re encouraged even when we aren’t with our friends. When we know we have someone who understands, who will listen, the burden of the daily grind is lifted.

The friendship matters, of course. It’s easy to find women friends who think friendship is for mutual complaining and gossip. What you hear and speak with your friends will shape your attitude and your inner thought conversation with yourself.

Find friends who will point you back to the path, back to Christ, back to cheerful obedience. Be a friend who will do that for others.

Find friends who will point you back to the path, back to Christ, back to cheerful obedience. Be a friend who will do that for others.

Cultivating friendships takes time.

We have probably all experienced losing friends from lack of contact. Whether it’s because they move away or our lives grow apart, it’s easy to lose touch.

It takes time and perseverance to keep up with friends – and we can’t keep up close friendships with everyone we meet. But we should choose 3-5 women who build us up and keep us on track and make a steady effort to send a text, make a call, write an email, plan a visit. Put it on your recurring task list. Add them to your prayer list.

Investing our time in friendships that uplift is worth it.

Cultivating friendships takes humility.

No matter how much we might feel alike at first, a friend is a different person than ourselves. Our friendship cannot be based on how similar we are or it will be doomed. It might be based on a likeminded faith to last.

A friend will be bound to show us what we lack and how we fall short. We will fail them, they will fail us, we will disagree and we will misunderstand.

Humility and kindness will keep us close through inevitable difficulties. It’s not about us, it’s about a commitment to loving each other.

God uses friends to show us our blind spots. This is a good thing. Let us pray for it and thank Him for it, letting go of our pride and self-centeredness in our friendships.

Cultivate those friendships that point you back to trust in Christ and commitment to obedience and perseverance, and your attitude will be the richer and better for it.

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