Develop grit.

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Organize your attitude #50

Too often, we try to get organized in an attempt to control our lives or make them easier.

So then, when life does not go as expected or when it is not easy, we think we’ve done something wrong.

We try with renewed energy to “get organized” and “improve ourselves,” hoping we’ll

So we are bound to failure.

Life isn’t like that.

But, just because entropy affects all of life and just because God’s goal isn’t our material comfort or physical ease doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bother being organized.

It just means we have to know what real organization is.

Too often, we try to get organized in an attempt to control our lives or make them easier.

It’s about being prepared – not only in our physical surroundings and supplies – but also in our minds. We need to be prepared to accept life as it comes, to roll with the punches and adjust based on current needs rather than desired outcomes.

We might have desired outcomes, but sometimes they need to be put on hold and sometimes they need to be canceled.

Being organized takes grit because life takes grit.

The dictionary defines grit as “courage and resolve; strength of character.” The ancients called it virtue: the strength and will to do the right thing, regardless of how we feel.

Our feelings will follow. To let them lead is folly.

Grit is the ability to hold to our resolve when the going gets tough. And we need to know that the going will get tough. Just knowing what to do is never enough. We also have to actually do it – and that will, sometimes, be hard.

Another definition of grit is as a measurement of the abrasiveness of sandpaper.

It’s related.

We need grit. We need to hold fast, stand firm, push forward.

We also need grit – we need sandpaper to smooth our rough edges, to show us where our hearts are hard and our minds are weak. Difficulties – whether real or those that are all in our heads – are either grit in our mouths making life taste bitter or they are grit rubbing us smooth. It might not be pleasant, but it is good.

Let us hold fast to virtue with grit and endurance and stamina.

Let us hold fast through trial and temptation, seeing the grit it brings as a hidden mercy.

  1. snapladylisa
    | Reply

    I needed this. Thank you.
    The connection between grit and virtue is one I hadn’t seen yet. But it’s there.
    And it helps to have another thought-path or heart-path toward the goal.
    A new way to follow the old way.
    Do that next right thing. Love that man you married.
    Hug those children you carried. Bless the Body of Christ.
    Hold your hands out to those who are lost and far from Home.
    Serve faithfully at the post you are called to.
    Carry on, Ladies, carry on.

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