Friday Four

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1. Organizing

One of my Instagrams sparked quite a bit of idea-generating, so I thought it’d be a good one to call out here.

The question is: What to do with all those cups?!

Possible solutions to the “too many cups out!” issue:

We did the color-coded waterbottle thing for awhile: it worked well except when 2 people broke theirs. Barely-full tall waterbottles are tippy, and our floor is unforgiving.

Color-coded plastic IKEA cups were a go-to solution for awhile, but it’s pretty silly-looking to confine a 5’8″ son to a 4-oz cup.

For awhile we did mason jars – big ones for the big boys and smaller ones for the younger set – with names written in sharpie. This is my favorite option because it’s expandable when friends come over and flexible. Sharpie does come off with scrubbing, but the dishwasher only partly takes it off. Our jars were being used for other things for a time and we went back to glasses – and my husband objects to sharpie on glass – and since he’s the one who scrubs them, I stopped.

My mother-in-law did sharpie-on-washi at Christmas and I’ve been experimenting with it at home since: it’s flexible (it can even go on plastic cups – handy when friends come over), it’s easy to peel off, it’s cute.

But there were several days where the process never happened. Do I really need one more maintenance task to remember in the morning? It’s not been a reliable everyday go-to strategy (or, I’ve not been reliable in doing it).

Keep iterating. Expect solutions to work for a time, but not forever.

2. Menu Planning

My crockpot will be getting a workout this week:

  • Butternut squash soup with cheesy toasts
  • Ham in the crockpot, roasted potatoes, yams, and broccoli
  • Hambone split pea soup in the crockpot
  • Ham & egg oven omelette with biscuits
  • Crockpot lime chicken with rice and roasted veggies

Of course, you should plan ALL the meals, but our lunch & breakfast routines don’t really vary:


  • Oatmeal
  • Toast & eggs
  • Oven pancake


  • bread, cheese, apples, & veg
  • chips & cheese
  • soup & crackers
  • cheese quesadillas (sometimes with pepperoni)

3. Podcasting

…And the audio blog podcasts are back with a bang! I’m really excited about the topics this season: 6 weeks of personality talk and review reminders.

I was also a guest on the Moms on Purpose podcast: Ep. 10: Organize Your Home & Your Attitude!

4. Clicking

Duck and Cover for Quiet Time

by Erin Davis at Revive Our Hearts

There are times when I manage to carve out a niche of time to pray and read the Bible, and I’ve seen what a difference it makes. But it’s just a plain ole’ fact of life that during this season when I am home with small children, personal growth of any kind—including spiritual growth—is tough and requires attention and tenacity on my part.

Sometimes we make it too complicated.

5 Ways Daily Bible Reading Impacts Your Life

by Kelly Needham at Revive Our Hearts

Why should we read the Bible every day? Does it make a difference? Is it just something good Christians do? Or is it a legalistic habit that’s unnecessary to a healthy walk with God? If we don’t understand why it matters, we likely won’t make it a priority. Here are five analogies to bring to life the purposes of a consistent, daily study of God’s Word.

What’s the point? It’s always good to remember the why.

The Best Time to Do a GTD Weekly Review

by David Allen

The strength of GTD awareness and ability is knowing that the best time to do a GTD Weekly Review is when you least feel like doing it.

Apropos to our current podcast season.

2 Responses

  1. Annie
    | Reply

    I had the same cup problem. One day I had washed by hand 15 cups before lunch for my family of 6 and that was too much. I ordered these and we’re so happy. We’ve had them over two years, we got extra, which is great for entertaining, and we’ve had no problems whatsoever. I can’t recommend them enough.

  2. Stefani
    | Reply

    Here’s how we do cups… everyone has one cup per day they keep on their placemat at the dining room table. Our house is small enough that cups do NOT need to travel. If you want a drink, go drink at the table, then put the cup down and come/go back. Cups do occasionally travel to the office (which is bad in and of itself), but easily sorted out and returned properly.

    And my slowcooker is always getting a workout. It would probably like a day off! :)

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