Have a good cry.

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Organize your attitude #40

To organize our attitudes does not mean to “buck up,” “get over it,” or “plaster on a smile.” Organizing our attitudes is not positive-thinking changing reality.

Organizing our attitude is recognizing that our perception of reality is an interpretation, and double-checking that our interpretation is correct. If we’re getting cranky because of the way we see things, we’re not seeing things correctly.

No, there’s not always a way to spin our view so that things are going our way. The problem is that we get cranky when things don’t go our way. When that happens, we have an opportunity to humble ourselves and accept the reality that God has sent us – whether that’s another load of laundry, a muddy child, an argumentative teen, or another cloudy day.

Organizing our attitude and changing our perspective is about giving up what we were trying to get and doing what God would have us do – and that’s never going to be getting cranky, yelling, or holing up in our room with chocolate while our house falls apart.

Sometimes, this clash of perspectives and possible interpretations – ours, our children’s, God’s – is too much for us to handle. Sometimes, changing our minds to align with truth is painful. Realizing we were wrong and need to change hurts.

It might bring tears.

That’s ok.

Sometimes our bad attitudes escape us not with a big breath and grit, but with a torrent. Sometimes they need to be washed out.

Organizing our attitude and changing our perspective and sometimes that is difficult and painful. Have a good cry and wash the bad attitude away.

Cry the bad attitude away. Cry not trying to hold on and grasp the pain or the false expectations, but cry them out so there’s space for prayerful renewal.

Repentant tears, rather than angry tears, will make way for the organized attitude.

So don’t hold them back or think you should be able to change without them. Let them wash away your angst and receive comfort and grace and a new attitude from the Lord in the midst of your wet pillow.

Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! –Psalm 126:5

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