Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Checklists

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Online Workshop: Homeschool Checklists

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  1. mystie
    | Reply

    Membership created from mystie’s import.

  2. Heather
    | Reply

    Is there a way to PRINT out the lists from Trello so I can have a record to keep?

  3. Kelly
    | Reply

    When you check your older children’s work and say, for instance:), the summary you were expecting was actually a sentence and not a very good one at that. When do you have the child re-do the work. Right then or add it to their work for the week? Thanks, Misty. I so appreciate what you do for homeschooling moms!

  4. Candis
    | Reply

    Hi Mystie! I’m sorry if this is already somewhere that I’ve missed. Do you have separate personal emails for each of your children to be team members?

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      In gmail, you can add +something to your name and gmail treats it like the same account but it looks different to services like this. That’s how I sign my kids up for accounts. :)

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