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Organize your attitude #45

When we start feeling overwhelmed, crazy, and beat down by all the little things we’re trying to deal with in life, one of the best strategies to get out of our heads and out of our funks is to find the closest, easiest, small win.

A small quick win will give us that “Ta-Da!” feeling in a jiffy, lifting us up and reminding us that we are not losers after all.

One of my go-to small, quick wins is organizing my purse.

One of my go-to small, quick wins is organizing my purse.

I think the best way to organize something is to start by completely emptying it. Instead of trying to clear around the stuff that should be there, take it all off and only put back what belongs – in a neat, tidy fashion.

Yes, you’ll have a pile to deal with, but your organized area will be finished faster and better for the trouble.

When in doubt with that pile, throw it out.

Throw away the receipts, gum wrappers, kleenex bits, and other random items accumulated from being out with small or numerous (or both) children.

Make sure your wallet, keys, and sunglasses are where they belong. Remove excess small change from your wallet to keep it light. If you find notes or bits of information that should be on your calendar or in your system, get that entered right away.

Add what needs to be added – maybe a new kleenex pack or a pen – but mostly remove what’s just taking up space and adding weight without being useful.

The peace of mind that’s achieved after the 5 minutes of clearing your purse is only matched by the instant happy that happens every time you open it for the next several days.

If your day needs a quick win, try starting with your purse. Turn it upside down, give it a shake, then put it together again. It’s a faster job than you might imagine.

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  1. Rhonda Franz
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    Oh, yes. As much as I get in and out of my purse, it’s refreshing to have it in order!

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