5 Things You Need for an Organized Morning

Mornings are critical to the success of a day. With our mornings we set the tone, either preparing and executing or lounging and lazing. Very often, the way we begin our day is the way we carry out our day.

But if we start with too much oomph and verve, we risk crashing and burning by lunch.

So we need to begin with a considered and balanced plan. Although everyone’s morning plan will look different, an organized start to the day usually hinges on these 5 aspects.

An Organized Morning Begins with a Start-Up Routine

The best way to make sure you get going in the morning is to put the first few things you do on autopilot. If you always do the same few things upon rolling out of bed, it will be easier to get out of bed (because the first thing you do will not have to be making decisions) and you’ll get more done because you’ve made a smart start.

Just make sure you keep it simple.

Line up a few actions that will help you get moving but that are easy to execute. Here are some ideas:

  • Use the bathroom.
  • Drink a glass of water.
  • Put on yoga pants and tennis shoes.
  • Start a laundry load.
  • Start the coffee.
  • Stretch.

Once you’ve done your two or three first steps, you’ll be mentally and physically prepared to move into the more significant steps of your morning: reading your Bible, getting some exercise, or working on a project.

An Organized Morning Requires a Ready To-Do List

The morning is actually not the ideal time to make the day’s to-do list. In the morning all your hopes and dreams come rushing in and the temptation is to make an overly ambitious and optimistic list.

Instead, make that to-do list at the end of the day. Then, when morning comes, you can just get started without making any decisions.

On that list, decide and note what you should work on first. Then you get to avoid decision fatigue or over-optimistic ideals and simply make progress towards checking something off right away.

The sooner you can check something off your list on the day, the more likely you’ll check off more later. Small wins motivate us to keep working and keep trying.

So make sure your to-do list gives you a small win first thing in the morning.

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An Organized Morning Has Breakfast Plans

It turns out that people want to eat in the morning, every morning.

Be prepared. Don’t fuss. Just do it.

Have a plan and make breakfast happen, not only for the kids but also for yourself. Don’t let your blood sugar crash and start your day easily annoyed simply because you’re hungry.

Do yourself and your family a favor and eat breakfast in the morning.

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An Organized Morning Gets Dressed

Now, getting dressed for you might very well mean yoga pants, but if you have a uniform – a go-to set of clothes that allows you to feel put together without making decisions or standing stupefied in your closet.

But somehow pulling yourself together, even if it’s a ponytail and brushed teeth, is a signal to yourself that it’s business time, that you’re taking yourself seriously, and that lounging time is over.

Getting dressed is a cue to your body and your mind. It’s less about the outfit or your style and more about being prepared and prompting yourself to start the day strong.

Check out what Anne Bogel has to say about how a mom uniform makes life simpler and more productive.

An Organized Morning Hinges on a Weekly Review

The real linchpin to a productive morning does not happen in the morning nor in the evening. It happens over the weekend.

Your weekly review is where planning and productivity magic happens. With clarity about the focus and direction of your week, you can just move on with the next thing each morning without wandering aimlessly or wondering what’s next.

For progress on a single course that moves you forward, you need a weekly review – then you’ll have an informed morning plan and a reason to follow it in the midst of morning grogginess.

Get the weekly review cheat sheet to set up your own routine that will work for you!

Download your own weekly review cheat sheet.

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