Purge your closet.

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Organize your attitude #37

What’s in your closet?

Do you know? Is it a black hole?

Sometimes, setting order to one small area helps us set order to our mindset and our attitudes.

Our closets might not be publicly visible spaces, but they are personal spaces. Our closet, whether we like it or not, says something about us. What does our closet say?

What message are we picking up from our own closets each morning?

Most likely, our children aren’t often in there, messing around. So whatever order – or disorder – is there, is there by our own doing and cannot be blamed on others. That might be a hard truth.

On the flip side, if we establish some order in this one small, personal space, it is a gift to ourselves. It reminds us that we do value order and are making it more and more a part of our identity. We’re people, now, with orderly closets.

No one else will mess it up. In this small area, we can learn the habits of personal orderliness.

Clear a closet; clear your head.

Remove from your closet anything that doesn’t fit.

Remove from your closet anything that you don’t feel pretty or lively wearing.

Do you have anything left?

A wardrobe revamp might be a project for another time, but we can’t put order in a closet with unused items. Move the clothes that don’t fit to another less-used space. Bring to the forefront the clothes that bring you joy and make you ready to start your day with your best self.

Toss the trash. Set the shoes in a line. Give each item a proper home and put it there.

Maybe you think it’s a waste of time to put your closet in order, but each and every morning when we get up and enter the closet to get ready for the day, it can be a visual cue setting the tone for the rest of the day.

It’s a small but significant step.


  1. stefani.mons
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    Ah, well here at the bottom of tornado alley, the kids ARE in our closet sometimes, and it’s also a place where keep winter hats & gloves, board games, and the non-cartoon-y movies, so they ARE always in our closet messing it up. LOL

    But I do need to organize it anyway. And go wardrobe shopping!

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