One Word for 2017

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You might think that because I have a whole system for life management laid out, I have it all together.

But it’s not true.

I get distracted.

I get off track.

I try flying by the seat of pants. Then I crash and burn.

That’s why I’m just as excited as everyone else for the New Year New Attitude Consistency Crew.

And that’s why I’ve chosen a very particular word to focus my attention and efforts this year:

Reliable, faithful, steadfast - this is the route to true productivity.


My word for 2017 is reliable – not because I need to get more done, but because I need to focus more on getting the little things done well. I tend to fixate on my current projects and neglect the daily nitty gritty.

But it’s the daily nitty-gritty that builds my family and stewards the resources I’ve been given.

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action. –Frank Tibott

I love projects and big ideas, and when in the grip of inspiration, I am unstoppable.

However, when the inspiration goes away, I’m a blob.

Reliable reminds me that it is the plodders – not the flash-in-the-pan – who make true progress. Festina lente. It reminds me that reliability is not for the boring, but for the faithful. It is a worthier goal to be dependable and steadfast than to be flashy or exciting.

It reminds me that my work is about serving others, not about my inspiration and interests.

Reliable in 2017

Here are 3 ways I am going to be improving my reliability this year:

  • I have a weekly housecleaning plan that works when I do – work it.
  • Never say I will do something without writing it down, right away.
  • Ensure I spend some time every day in conversation with each child where I stop what I’m doing and look them in the eye while listening.

Nothing flashy, no rocket science – just doing the right thing instead of the more convenient and self-centered thing.

Reaching goals & building habits

Are you making goals or setting a one-word focus for 2017? Here are some helpful articles I’ve written in the past to help you focus on what matters in 2017:

In the 2017 Weekly Review emails, delivered every Saturday, I will share a short application, story, or insight about my year’s theme. So as I live it out, I’ll be writing it out as well.

I promise it will be applicable and practical. Make sure you’re on board and getting The Weekly Review!

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Reliable, faithful, steadfast - this is the route to true productivity.

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  1. Shannon
    | Reply

    How did you decide upon your housekeeping plan? How much time does it take a day? Have you shared it here?

    I have a plan for housekeeping but never actually follow it. I don’t have cleaning time planned into the day (other than the basics – kitchen and laundry always get done, vacuuming occasionally, the rest? close to never). Maybe the lack of a time designated in the day is my downfall, but I don’t know where to put it.

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