SC014: Personality Typing

Season 3: Personality Matters

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If you all clamor for the in-depth justification of why I think it’s ok to use and recommend the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), even though it was based on Jung’s theory (and Jung was messed up) and even though each person is a beautiful unique snowflake, I can do that as the last post to this theory. But to kick this off, I’ll simply say that typing people into 4-12 kinds has been going on since Aristotle, and Kiersey (the one who named and described each of Myers-Briggs’ 16 types) makes a compelling argument that the ancient systems (like choleric, melancholic, etc) are observations of the same sort as those made by Isabel Briggs Myers.

So, I will admit it. I am a personality nerd. I am a total Myers-Briggs Type Indicator junkie.

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Recommended Books:

Simple Sanity Saver: The Perks of Personality

When you know your personality type, you can adjust your expectations of yourself and of your homeschool to be realistic.

The website has a useful free test that is more accurate than many free ones available on the internet. Head over to the podcast page at to find that.

However, what is really useful information when you know your type is to know your preferred way to extrovert (because even introverts have to deal with other people and make things happen in the world) and your preferred way to introvert (because even extroverts have to know with what’s important to them and make connections in their minds).

Perks of Personality: Free Reference about MBTI Cognitive Functions
Perks of Personality: free 1-page reference explaining MBTI cognitive functions

Find out what those letters really mean.

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