SC017: Homeschool Mom Personalities

Season 3: Personality Matters

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When we realize that we’re trying to imitate a type totally opposite our own, we can realize why we feel defeated and beat up. Not only that, we can take a step back, value that other type’s abilities, yet shift our own energies toward what will work for us.

When we know our own type and what that means for us, we can automatically filter out curriculums and opportunities that won’t work for us. We don’t have to try it and crash and burn first. We can see that it’s not going to mesh. We also don’t have to feel bad about what doesn’t work for us, and we can better understand why something works for our friend when it doesn’t work for us.

When we know our personality type we can also see where we need to outsource, where we need to get help, where we’re going to have to budget recovery time and just what kind of recovery time we need. Recovery and refreshment plans for each personality type will be a post all it’s own. :)

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Simple Sanity Saver: The Perks of Personality

Just as each type has a preferred way of extroverting, of making change happen in the world, so each type has a preferred way of introverting, of living a life of the mind. Even extroverts need to think, to connect what’s happening inside and outside of themselves to previous experience and to their core values.

  • a Ti will connect information in order to analyze it, put it into categories and conceptual constructs.
  • an Fi will connect experiences and information to her own gut and values.
  • an Si will connect experience and ideas to her previous experiences, filtered according to what’s important to her and seeking out details that support her interests.
  • an Ni will connect experience and ideas to a unifying principle, her core obsessive interest, usually. This type is primarily a worldview thinker.
Perks of Personality: Free Reference about MBTI Cognitive Functions
Perks of Personality: free 1-page reference explaining MBTI cognitive functions

Find out what those letters really mean.

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