SC018: 5 Homeschooling Tips for Introverts

Season 3: Personality Matters

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Homeschooling is made for introverts.

So say the extroverts.

Sure, we get to stay home and keep our circle of influence strong and consolidated. In our day-to-day lives we don’t have to conform to a group or put on a show for others.

However, homeschooling means we are constantly at the beck and call of our children’s needs, being at the center of our bustling homes, and living a full and perhaps cluttered life. These aspects wear us introverts down.

But it is precisely because so much of ourselves is poured into our family that we must ensure we have something to pour. Giving takes energy, and introverts regain their energy in very specific ways.

The more we give ourselves the time and activities that build our energy back up, the better we’ll be able to tackle our daily duties with gusto.

So here are five ways we can ensure we’re giving and refilling, appropriately and meaningfully.

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So, we’ve looked at how each type extroverts and introverts and how each plays a valuable role in society. How does this apply to a typical homeschool Tuesday morning?

Teaching – even of your own kids – is extroverting. It is managing other people and making things happen. Introverts have to move to their secondary function – their extroverting function – to find their sweet spot for homeschooling. It’s not only about finding alone-time after the fact, it’s about extroverting in the best way for your type.

  • a Te will need to feel like she’s off to a strong start, with a good plan. Even if deviations occur or if everything is derailed, at some point she needs to cycle back to her plan and work through that path.
  • an Fe will need to feel connection with her kids, get conversations rolling, and facilitate everyone working together in harmony.
  • an Ne will be happiest when jumping around to different subjects with short lessons, stopping to talk or think, but always on to something new and different next.
  • an Se will need to set the stage and feel adequately prepared with all her ducks in a row – not necessarily a plan, but her actual, physical stuff, making sure that the entire experience flows.
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