SC026: Convivial Means Enjoyment

Season 5: Why Convivial?

I wanted answers, a formula, a guarantee. Do this. That works. This will guarantee results. I thought it was a dichotomy. Either what I do as a parent will guarantee certain results or how I parent doesn’t matter, is inconsequential. It was either find the Right Answers or give up.

The answer I got instead was, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto thee.” But what does this mean? What does it look like? It means God’s providence in our stories — ours and our children’s — doesn’t always (usually does’t?) end up neat and tidy. It means He doesn’t guarantee things like early marriage, good kids, or good jobs. But He does guarantee sanctification. He guarantees His faithfulness and love and mercy and forgiveness. He promises to use means, to use us, to bless others, including our children. We should parent in reliance and in faithfulness to God’s call on our lives, being as consistent as we can with His model of Fatherhood, praying to be a blessing to our children, who are individuals under God’s care in their own right and not through us. God will use our children to sanctify us, and God will use us in the sanctification of our children. But it is God’s work and not our own.

We can be free to enjoy our children and our life when our trust is placed in God’s faithfulness rather than our own.

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Simple Sanity Saver: Homeschool Checklists for Kids

You should give your kids a checklist.

Why? Because it reduces decision-fatigue. Not only have you already decided what each child should do, but they pester you for the next task – or wander off aimlessly because you aren’t next to them – less often. A checklist reduces the number of times the children come and ask, “What’s next?” Even if you know, being asked 217 times a day is exhausting in and of itself.

With a checklist they can use, you will only be asked about 178 times, but you’ll have 1 answer: What’s left on your list?

Redirecting them to consult their list trains the habit and discipline of independent work, even though it takes years – yes, years – of pointing them back to it.

Even if they still ask you questions, you have a single, go-to answer, so your sanity is saved for other minor daily crises.

##### Get tips for setting up manageable homeschool checklists [thrive_2step id='33100'][/thrive_2step]

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