SC028: Convivial Means Choosing Your Attitude

Season 5: Why Convivial?

I don’t feel guilty for not doing the things that I have to do, I feel persecuted that I have things to do.

The pesky homekeeping tasks should just all evaporate and leave me be, leave me to do whatever I want, whatever I feel like, all day. Stupid housework. Down with housework! Up with play! Housework is boring.

How can I harp on my kids when I do the same thing with my own work?

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Choosing Conviviality or Perpetuating a Pity Party?

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Simple Sanity Saver: Homeschool Checklists for Kids

You need to check your kids’ checklists.

Bad News: Not only will the checklists not magically make your kids independent, but you still need to check not only their work, but also their checklists.

Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.

It’s alarming, but true.

I go through this cycle myself, even though I know better. First, I’m on top of it, checking the kids’ work as well as their checklists. Then, they get used to the work and we seem to be doing quite well. So, I stop checking regularly. Then I stop checking at all. After awhile, I get suspicious and look into those checklists and realize – things have been checked off without being done, things that were done aren’t checked off, and the kids’ definition of “done” and my definition of “done” are not matching up.

Sure, the kids should know better, but so should I. As the mom and the teacher and the administrator, checking up and monitoring is my job – when I have to turn that cycle back to the beginning again, I am the one who apologizes, while making sure the backlog of work is done.

After all we can’t expect the kids to become responsible if we do not show them what taking responsibility and being the one responsible looks like.

##### Get tips for setting up manageable homeschool checklists [thrive_2step id='33100'][/thrive_2step]

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