SC031: Convivial Means Life

Season 5: Why Convivial?

What sort of elderly person will I be? Of course a large part of the situation will depend on circumstances and what my particular physical or mental ailments will end up being. But what of the different temperaments? Will I be a sweet old lady, grateful and encouraging up to her dying day? Or will I be a fault-finding, cranky old lady?

When whatever my infirmities will be come upon me — no matter the age at which it happens — what will it do to me? Can hard circumstances turn you into someone you were not? Or do they reveal who you actually were by removing your defenses?

Affliction will come, sooner or later, and what will it show? If how I respond then will be simply a magnification of how I respond now to minor irritations and inconveniences, then I doubt I’ll be a sweet old lady.

What story do I want told at my funeral?

Whatever it is, now is the time to start living it.

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