SC038: Mom’s Mood Matters

Season 7: Mom As Atmosphere

It was about 5 years ago now that I deleted my old blog and started over from scratch, choosing the name Convivial Home for my new effort. A real estate agent promptly offered me a large sum for that domain, so I sold it and switched my name to Simply Convivial.

I did not want to let go of the word convivial – though perhaps it is a more unusual word than I realized. Convivial has been a stake-in-the-sand word for me: it does not come easily, but because my principles and philosophies continually point me back to it, I need to build it in our practices and also in my own attitude.

Convivial must describe our life as a whole, and learning, living, and loving must be intertwined.

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Convivial must describe our life as a whole, and learning, living, and loving must be intertwined.


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Simple Sanity Saver: Repent. Rejoice. Repeat.

To teach our children, we must repent.

There’s nothing like raising children to make us realize we didn’t have it all together and aren’t such hot stuff after all.

That’s a good thing! Humility is a necessary part of sanctification, and kids bring us to that point often.

When we see our lack – our lack of patience, our lack of trust, our lack of self-control – we need to turn not to frustration or guilt but to repentance.

If there’s one thing kids have radars for, it’s hypocrisy. We’re all prone to it. But it undermines our authority and trustworthiness like nothing else. So don’t hide from your sins, confess them before God. Rely on His strength, not your own.

And when we sin in front of our kids or against our kids, we need to repent in front of our kids and ask their forgiveness as well.

That’s teaching that will stick.

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  1. Julia
    | Reply

    Your posts, emails and overall attitude bring me much hope and often right on time. So grateful to have found your material when I did. Thank you for de-cluttering the world of decluttering advice. I’m tearing up (I’m an enfj ?) just knowing that though we may never meet, you are a fellow laborer and mentor. You bless so many with your convivial voice of reason. I am personally inspired to ponder my own word or theme to bring me back to center. Many blessings to you.

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