SC043: Homeschool Mottos

Season 7: Mom As Atmosphere

We recite mottos during our Morning Time.

I think the first place I encountered the idea was when listening to ACCS teacher training audio (back before there were CiRCE conferences or podcasts). The elementary classes of Logos School, at least back in the old days, had mottos they recited daily that then the teacher could call to mind when they were relevant.

As a family, we already had a few little sayings – ways to keep a frequent command familiar, memorable, and pithy.

Over the years I’ve collected mottos, adding to and subtracting from our repertoire, but finally settling down on a select few for this year.

This year, these mottos are behind the daily tab of our binder, and most days we go over them quickly. We alternate this selection with a selection of pithy Shakespearean proverbs each term.

These mottos are not only reminders for the kids. They are reminders for myself, as well.

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Podcast: Why recite mottos? With greater familiarity comes not contempt, but contemplation.


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Simple Sanity Saver: Repent. Rejoice. Repeat.

To learn and grow ourselves, we must repeat our lessons.

Knowing is not the same as doing, isn’t that the truth?

Learning is not simply knowing. It is acting in accordance to what we know. Every day. So, learning is not a once-and-done thing. It’s daily bringing our actions in line with our knowledge. Yes, to learn and grow we have to expand our knowledge, but we also have to grow our capacity for living out the knowledge we have. Application – continual, daily application – is a part of learning.

So when you have to do the dishes again, teach a math lesson again, put on a smile again, repent again, rejoice again, sweep the floor again, don’t pine for time to read more, thinking that’s real learning. It is, but so is the living it out. So embrace the daily repetitions, the daily opportunities to put into practice what we know.

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Podcast: Why recite mottos? With greater familiarity comes not contempt, but contemplation.

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    I loved this so much, I just had to come back to leave a comment. I immediately added mottos to morning time after reading this post, and I am so excited to already see fruit from it! Also, I think your tagline will make a great motto as well: repent, rejoice, repeat. Thank you so much!

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