SC045: Organizing Your Homeschool with Shelves & Bins

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Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff

The real trick about having a tidy or organized house is for everything to have a home. Things without homes are clutter. Things with homes can be put away, leaving space for life to happen. Mid-day, the house might look chaotic, but by evening, if everything has a place to go, it can look decently in order again.

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The real trick about having a tidy or organized house is for everything to have a home.



Simple Sanity Saver: Morning Time Memorization Hacks

First, you have to start by picking your memory work organization method. How do you want to run your morning memory work time? Will you say a line and have the children repeat it back to you? Will you handwrite each piece on an index card or type it out and print them out? Would it work better if each student had his own binder? Could you set it all up in Evernote and avoid a bunch of papers?

I use a binder and make a duplicate copy of each binder for each reading student. For some reason my children had a hard time repeating back after me when they were younger but they were early readers so we switched to this method and simply read aloud each passage that I wanted them to memorize daily having them follow along with their ears and mouth.

Having this binder system also allowed us to continue morning time memorization routine when a baby started fussing or a toddler needed attention. The kids could just keep on trucking.

You can find my memory work binder tutorials here.

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You need to find homes for the homeschool stuff

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