SC046: Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom

Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff

We homeschool without a schoolroom. Like many homeschoolers, the kitchen table is where much of our work happens. We use our kitchen table, we use our dining room table, we use our couch, and we make due with the space we have.

I could write up a great-sounding post about why we don’t have a school room on principle. Something about school blending in with real life and not being contained in a separate box.

But the truth is that I’d rather have a playroom than a schoolroom, a place for the toddlers and preschoolers to freely set up a block city complete with railroad tracks, a place for the air hockey table we inherited, a place for the computers that are used both for work and for play. And our house layout doesn’t have the space for both a playroom and a schoolroom.

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The real trick about having a tidy or organized house is for everything to have a home.


Simple Sanity Saver: Morning Time Memorization Hacks

The second thing you need to do for morning time memory is gather your memory work review material.

What memory work have you already learned? What songs are already part of your family culture? Start a list. Morning Time doesn’t have to be long or complicated. We all start where we are and just take the next step. Even if you have no memory work at all under your belt just start with Psalm 1 and begin building.

Whenever we set out to do something we should know what end we’re aiming for, what goal we are attempting, what point we want to make. I know when I think of memory work I’m tempted to envision my five children lined up in a row in perfect unison and cheerful voices reciting an entire Psalm. Of course, their shirts would even be clean at the same time and that just goes to show this is totally an imaginary scenario.

But what I actually want is to be never done with a piece of memory work. What I want is for it to be planted within us, to grow and blossom in its time, for us to grow and love God’s Word and poetry and beautiful language more and more and more the more time we spend with it.

If we desire to commit to memory whole thoughts, entire passages, whole chapters, we must commit to investing lots and lots of time. This is hard because in the short term we rarely have anything to show for it. With a handful of random verses memorized a child can stand up, recite them perfectly, earn a prize, and then empty his mind so he can learn the next set. Mom gets the moment of performance glory and the child gets some candy. But if we want to learn whole passages, if we want to learn the Creeds, the old hymns of the faith, and beautiful poetry, we will have to be content postponing seeing the fruits of our investments.

It will take years, and not weeks, but it’s worth it to stick at that review and continue growing those seeds.

It will be worth it.

You can find my memory work binder tutorials here.

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You need to find homes for the homeschool stuff

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