SC047: How I Catalog My Books

Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff

You know I love lists. And I also love books. So what could be better than a list of books?

How about a list of my books?

I won’t try to convince you that you need to catalog your books, because you probably don’t. But having a catalog of the books on my own shelves is something inherently appealing to me, and it might be to you, too.

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How I catalogued my personal library


Simple Sanity Saver: Morning Time Memorization Hacks

The next thing to do is to choose your new memory work. Here are some categories of memory work you might want to choose from: Scripture, Psalms, hymns and songs, Latin chants, poetry, catechism and creeds, historical speeches, mottos, maxims or quotes.

Start with only 1-3 items; start with only 1-3 passages, or 1-3 new things per term. Build slowly but consistently and you’ll be amazed at your own index once you’ve been doing this for a few years. You can check out my memory work index here.

Rather than pursuing perfect recitation that will likely not last beyond their childhood I’m seeking more to begin to set a deep foundation that would be continually and cyclically renewed and built upon throughout their lives. I want familiarity, language patterns and ideas to seep in.

I’m not a meticulous person, I am more of a hack. We recite one passage and one Psalm daily for one term which is six weeks and whether it’s memorized in two weeks or not memorized perfectly yet by the end we move it to the review section and start a new one. After a week or two of saying it daily, however, usually the children can recite it by the end of the term.

But because my goal is building a lifetime of familiarity rather than perfect rote memory the fact that they rarely say it perfectly no longer frustrates me. This is my own personal good-enough-and-works-for-us memory method because it keeps my priority on being simple, no pressure, and focused on exposure, familiarity, and whole ideas rather than perfection. If memory work has been a stressful thing in your family don’t give it up, just pare it back, remove the pressure and expectation, and remember that God’s Word is active and will bear fruit in time.

You can find my memory work binder tutorials here.

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How I Catalog My Books

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