SC048: A Digital Homeschool Planner

Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff

Keeping track of what each student is supposed to be doing, and making sure they are doing it is one of the struggles of homeschooling moms everywhere. Here’s how we’re managing it with a free online (and mobile) app called Trello.

Some people use spiral notebooks for a daily list; we use Trello for weekly lists. Here are the details and even some video tutorials to get you started!

Giving the kids a checklist of their own cuts down on the amount of nagging reminding I have to do, which makes everyone happier.

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A Digital Homeschool Planner


Simple Sanity Saver: Morning Time Memorization Hacks

The next thing to do to set up your Morning Time memorization is to make an agenda; list out everything that you want to do in your own Morning Time gathering.

Ours usually involves listening to a chapter from Proverbs, prayer, singing, memory work, and sometimes we begin or end with a devotional reading or appreciation or a playlist of timeline or geography songs, but pick one. It’s also been fruitful for us to start with an overview of our day.

Once you have your first draft of an agenda estimate generously how long each item will take. Then add them up. For your first year of starting Morning Time try to start with under 30 minutes.

I always try to keep mine at less than 45 minutes and then block off about an hour for it because there will always be interruptions and issues. Our first years of Morning Time were like a refining fire that brought out all our impurities. No one could sit still, although they did it at dinner. Half of the time, at least half the participating (I use the word loosely) children and at that time half of them was equal to one were uncooperative and my oldest and I spent too much of the time vying for control of the situation and routine. It was clearly good for us.

Because Kendra Fletcher and Cindy Rollins were saying it was the best thing ever, I did not give up easily and was determined to stick it out. It was so worth it.

If you are in the midst of the Morning-Time-is-chaos phase be encouraged. It might take three years to overcome but it’s worth it. Those early years without older kids was just flat difficult. Change things up, problem solve, get creative, and persevere. Those little ones will be your leaders in just a few short years and your assets who will make maintaining consistency much easier in your next round of chaos.

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Some people use spiral notebooks for a daily list; we use Trello for weekly lists. Here are the details and even some video tutorials to get you started!

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  1. Bonnie Foxx
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    This is great! I’ve started using it not only for school but also for my own personal tasks as well as for brain dump organization. It seems to work well with my brain. Thank you for introducing me to Trello!

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