SC049: Organized Homeschool White Board

Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff

I’ve created a few iterations of a chore board over the last year and a half. First it was a poster board frame, and I wrote directly on the hard plastic frame. That worked well, because I could tuck it away quickly and easily when I didn’t want our schedule, consequences, and school assignments on display.

Then, my 3-year-old used it as a slide (which means he was climbing up it). The frame and plastic cracked. I tried to salvage it by simply sticking printed pages on it, but that simply didn’t work as well nor look as good.

So I explained the situation to my husband, asking for his diy-expertise to solve all my chore-board-issues. He is the brains and brawn behind this perfect solution.

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Organized Homeschool White Board


Simple Sanity Saver: Memory Work Tips

The final thing to do is to put it all together so it’s convenient.

Organization is about being prepared not about being perfect. Pull everything you need for your Morning Time into one place where you can grab and go as smoothly as possible. Print or write your memory work and songs for the system you choose in Step 1. Gather the books and your memory work and make them a home; a shelf, a container, a box.

Print or write out your agenda and make it handy and durable. You can use a clipboard, page protectors, or laminate a page. It’s one thing to buy the books and supplies, to make a plan, to create a chart, and quite another to actually pull it off in a typical day. Days never go exactly as imagined but it’s worth it to take the time and imagine the day even so.

The more practice in imagining the day and planning for contingencies before the heat of the moment the better you’ll become at rolling with the punches of a real life homeschool day in a household bustling with people.

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