SO014: Why Moms Need a Weekly Review

Season 3: Review Required

A weekly review is a common business productivity recommendation, and a practice I encourage in Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done. It is a time to reorient yourself to what you have on your plate and renegotiate your commitments. You take some time and look at your calendar, make fresh to-do lists, decide what your biggest responsibilities are this week and then make sure those stay in front of your face so they can get done.

Moms need a weekly review just as much as a business executive. We have sports practices, volunteer dates, meals, and so much more we must accomplish in a week. The process of evaluating everything that’s upcoming in a calm manner beforehand helps us meet our commitments with peace and preparedness.

But it is hard to discipline ourselves to set aside the time. It’s more likely that we just keep on going as we’ve been going without pausing to reflect and set ourselves up for a solid, focused week.

But it is only our own peace of mind and sanity we are sacrificing when we skip a weekly review.

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Why Moms Need a Weekly Review

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