SO015: Review Required Every Week

Season 3: Review Required

Review Required Every Week

A weekly review is applying common sense to our weekly rituals. What do we do before leaving on an extended trip? Clean up, close up, clarify, and wrap up decisions needing to be made. A weekly review is a time to do that every week instead of once or twice a year.

It is by a regular weekly review that we can keep a clear mind and a sense of relaxed control in the midst of a crazy and full life.

It is tempting to think a weekly review is feasible only in the office workplace setting. You know, someplace where you can close the door and easily have space and time alone. A place not at all like home. But it is precisely because our work at home threatens to deluge and overwhelm us at all hours and every day that we need to carve out a time and space to strategize, to regroup, and to be refreshed.

I bet we can all find 30-45 minutes somewhere once a week without interactions or other demands — the difficulty is in choosing to use it this way instead of zoning out on random internet searches or Pinterest-browsing. We must be both savvy and disciplined enough to know the value of sacrificing the seemingly relaxing for the truly refreshing & rejuvenating, creating our own islands of time and space for some version of this process.

The key is finding the time, and carving out that time regularly, and performing this clarifying and ordering ritual.

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Use this checklist to start your own weekly review habit.

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