SO016: Review Required Every Morning

Season 3: Review Required

A real review process will lead to enhanced and proactive new thinking in key areas of your life and work.

Such thinking emerges from both focused concentration and serendipitous brainstorming, which will be triggered and galvanized by a consistent personal review of your inventory of actions and projects.

Remember that this system does not remain rigid and dictatorial. Your system cannot be static, like a mechanical clock that ruthlessly continues to tick. Rather, it is a focusing tool that holds information so that your brain is free to engage in creative thinking. By reviewing your lists and materials when necessary, you keep your brain from taking back the job of Reminder-in-Chief.

It is review combined with thorough collection that makes your lists trustworthy





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Review Required Every Morning


A weekly review is the secret to making plans happen.

This free checklist will walk you through completing a weekly review and make it a habit.

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