SO019: You Need Time to Reset Your Perspective

Season 3: Review Required

Survival mode is a reality sometimes, but we shouldn’t accept it as normal.

Many of us live in survival mode for long stretches of time during different seasons of mothering. That’s simply part of the gig. However, too often I think we forget that there are other modes we can live in. We can fail to recognize that we could rearrange our days to provide ourselves with some predictable and uninterrupted moments. Once we do that, we must also take the next step and use those moments not for shopping, not for pedicures, not for Facebook or a novel. We must use the times we’ve carved out for prayerfully getting our priorities in order. These other recreational activities are all acceptable and sometimes refreshing (not always) ways to chill, but we should only add them on top of or after using time to sort through the junk in our head and align our perspective again with what we know to be true.

The truth is you need some time reserved to think and wrap your head around your day and what’s going on.


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Take Time to Reset Your Perspective

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