SO023: What to Do With Your Brain Dump Lists

Season 4: Brain Dump to the Rescue

So, you’ve done a thorough brain dump and you have sheets upon sheets of notes, tasks, and ideas.

Before you start getting your brain dump into a trusted system, you need to have that trusted system set up – you need those places and lists before your brain dump items can go into them.

To get the thorough instructions for creating the systems you need, walk step-by-step through the course. For a more cut-straight-to-the-chase approach, Paperless Home Organization is all about creating a digital version of a home management binder – a trusted system. That’s what you need before you can process your brain dump.

But if you are getting anxious about what to do with that brain dump now that it’s all captured and out of your head, here’s a quick cheat to get you rolling.



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What to do with your brain dump list

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