SO029: Realistic Expectations

Season 5: Attitude Organization

What happens when we organize something?

It gets messed up. Inevitably.

We catch up on the laundry, but more clothes hit the hamper within hours.

We wash the dishes and clear the counters, then dinner is over and the kitchen is in ruins, with stacks of dirty dishes.

We put the kids’ closets in order, but by the end of the week the neat stacks are in shambles.

We put our own closets in order, but then comes a busy day, and it all falls apart.

We clean out the fridge, and then the next day a big spill happens.

It is so tempting to think that our work is undone, a waste of our time, useless, futile.

But it isn’t. I promise.

Our work isn’t meant to accomplish a static state. Our work is ongoing maintenance, regular service.

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Organize life with realistic expectations.

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  1. Cindi
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    Such an excellent reminder!!

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