SO032: Evernote for Home Routines

Season 6: Evernote for Digital Planning

There is so much to keep track of at home.

Where is the best place to keep track of daily and weekly routines?

If you’re a paper planner, you might have a separate page in your planner, you might have your own weekly list you print, you might keep a list behind a page protector and reuse it or on a whiteboard where everyone can see it.

But what if you’d rather not deal with paper? What if you prefer glancing at the screen in your pocket to look at your list? What if you don’t like the visual clutter often attendant with paper?

Evernote is the answer, of course.

Evernote for Home Routines

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Evernote for Home Routines

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  1. Those are great tips! I think Evernote could be a great place for habit trackers of the sort. Thanks for this!

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