Wear an apron.

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Organize your attitude #43

Can an accessory change your attitude?


For one, an apron can make it feasible to get dressed each day – which we’ve already established helps our attitudes – by protecting those clothes from messy work.

But also, an apron helps us set a tone and a mood. It can become a cue, telling us, “Now it’s time to get into dinner-prep mode” or “Now it’s time to go on a cleaning whirlwind.”

In a way, it harkens back to childhood dress-up days. An apron is an outfit that puts us in a certain mode. We’re putting on our homemaker costume and we’re ready to act like it.

As an additional bonus, an apron gives us pockets, which are handy for getting things done efficiently. Women’s clothes are often missing utilitarian pockets (who wants the added padding anyway?), but an apron gives us a place to stow our rag or scrubber or the random Lego bits we find everywhere.

But the true secret of the apron for our moods is the cue, the trigger. It’s an easy first step we can take. First, apron. Next, housework. First, apron. Next, dinner prep. Often the hardest part of getting to the housework or the cooking is getting up and getting started. Putting on an apron is a small, easy step that helps us shake off the computer-screen daze or the couch-potato inertia. An apron and relaxing don’t go together. So put on one and get your groove going.

Then, once your work is done, take off the apron, get a beverage, and take a moment to relax. Sit down to dinner without the apron. Change the mode you’re in with a change of costume. Signal to yourself and to others what time it is.

Make it a ritual. Rituals help our attitudes because they help us overcome inertia and apathy with physical habits rather than mental effort, which is often in too-short supply.

Better yet, get an apron for your children also. Don those aprons together and scrub together. Adding a costume makes it a game.


Well, it helps, anyway.

Try it.

  1. a. borealis
    | Reply

    Hee :) I love my apron, but first and foremost because I would RUIN all my clothes if I didn’t wear one. Me in the kitchen = slop flying everywhere. ;) The pockets are a serious asset too . . . aside from misc. junk, I keep my ipod in the right pocket and when I am able to work without interruption, I catch up on all my favorite podcasts.

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