5 Things I Learned in November

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I suppose I can’t say something about how I can’t believe the month is over – every month. I’m getting to that point in life, though, where the eye-roll clichés just seem like truths that need to be stated.

We started out with a mild, warmish fall, but have now definitely hit the cold – but not cold enough for snow or ice. That’s something I am personally grateful for, even though my kids would love some snow.

Talking into a webcam is so much easier than speaking to a room full of people.

On podcasts and such I have heard people say that recording video is so much harder than speaking live, because there’s no response, there’s no feedback. Sarah Mackenzie has told me the same thing, but added the caveat – for me.

But not only have I been on the internet since there was an internet, I am an introvert. Not only am I an introvert, but I spent my middle school years shut in my bedroom lip-synching in front of the mirror to Amy Grant. The hardest part of speaking to a webcam is speaking – the format is my fave. People may be watching, maybe not, I’m in my pretend world doing my thing.

Not so much when you see the sea of people!

But in November, at Paideia Northwest, I survived my first “real” speaking engagement, spoke twice and – insanity of insanity – sat on a stage for Q&A next to Rachel Jankovic who is the one I’ve sent my questions to on the internet for years. Crazy world. Crazy times.

Melissa Cummings, the heart and soul and energy behind the conference, did a brilliant and beautiful job.

People just want to plan.

Me, too, but sometimes I get nervous about committing.

Nevertheless, I’ve been asked multiple times for a 2019 Program Calendar, and I now have one available for the first half of the year. It describes each of my courses and programs and includes dates for when they will be running.

What it doesn’t include (primarily because there wasn’t space), is the new Simplified Organization 6-month community coaching program I’m running twice in 2019: January-June and July-December. During the 6 months, you’ll receive extra support via email, text, and live chats to help you work through and apply the whole course. Yes, life happens and people will get behind, but the nature of the program allows for catching up or for picking up where you can – because we’re all moms, and we get it.

Any intentional work that you put into engaging with your life and your responsibilities will benefit you and those you serve, even if you don’t 100% finish the first (or second) time. Can I get an amen from those who have taken any of my courses?


My dental hygienist knows me.

When I got home and put away my dental swag bag items, guess what I found?
Last time I thought it was a convenient coincidence, but now I think she knows. I wonder how she could tell…

Having parts of meals in the freezer is super handy.

I didn’t do any freezer cooking at our last break week, yet the freezer still supplied several meals over the last term. We almost never have enough leftovers to serve as another dinner, but we do sometimes have leftover parts and pieces. At one point I bought 6 pounds of ground beef and cook it all at once, reserving half for another meal or two. Thanks to two packs of next-day Costco rotisserie chicken leg packs plus a turkey, I have 5-6 gallon Ziplocks of bone broth for soup to pull out - and that’s after using some of the broth same day, too. Our dinner last night was a soup made with leftover roasted root vegetables I had frozen and leftover pork roast I froze. Neither was enough for everyone for a meal, but it was enough to round out a soup. Can I just say that I love soup season?

Workshop Replay

Yesterday's free workshop on 3 Essential Home Management Tools You Need went very well, despite the abrupt ending. You can catch the replay here. The summary: Getting organized is simple, but hard, and it's maybe not what you thought it was when you started. The replay would make great laundry-folding or dinner-making company.

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