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I think I might have written more words than I read if you don’t count Bible reading. I have about 1000 words at least off in limbo – written into my Scholé Sisters talk draft and then cut, cut, cut.

But I might also have spoken more words than written, which is an odd proportion for me. Between the Work the Plan seminars, recording podcasts of all types (my own and Scholé Sisters), and re-recording Work the Plan lessons, my throat has been oft-sore this month!

The books I read, though, were way better than anything I wrote or said.

Books I Finished

Hey! This month I finished books! Woohoo!

I haven’t finished my commonplace entries for the titles, but I did at least finish reading the book itself. I’m not sad to have to still go back through and revisit certain key ideas. Both of these were amazing books and I also have post drafts going for them both.

I didn’t finish reading the Bible, of course, but I did finish the Christ Church Summer Bible Reading Challenge. It was so, so good! I’m planning on doing their through-the-Bible-in-the-school-year plan that begins September 11. Hop over here to find that!

I’m having both the new Bible Reading Plan chart and Brandy’s Mother Culture habit tracker page printed in color on heavier paper at Office Depot to put in my commonplace binder (a disc-bound notebook) to help me stay on track this fall. As activities and responsibilities pile up, it’s so easy to skip the reading time, but I do so to everyone’s detriment.

Having the list handy keeps me aware and adds just the nudge of accountability and reward that I need to choose the right thing.

Books I Started

* Aristotle’s Metaphysics * Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics

About 2-3 weeks ago I had a sudden panic that what I really needed to do was read all of Aristotle before finishing my Scholé Sisters talk. It was actually just a procrastination stall tactic, but I did end up with a few more titles on my shelf (I finally found a translator I prefer - C.D.C. Reeve), a new notebook dedicated to Aristotle (it's actually a Moleskine Cahier a lovely lady gifted to me at Cincinnati - I found the perfect use for it), and at least a little more intelligent reading on the topic of scholé (indexes are handy).

Read All.The.Books

Here is the scary list of all the books I’m currently reading (or supposed to be reading) that I’ve been avoiding listing out:

#### My Rotating Stack
#### My Long-Haul Stack
#### My Pre-reading Stack I should probably call it “co-reading” or “post-reading,” really.

School Read-Alouds

PS - Yes, totally count everything you read in your book total.

Books I Bought

Books I Caught the Kids Reading

For his birthday we bought Hans the 6-volume series by Winston Churchill on WWII (thanks to reader recommendations) and also The American Test Kitchen Cooking School - a book far heftier than How to Cook Everything or Joy of Cooking. It is beautiful and glossy and everything you would expect from America’s Test Kitchen. Knox has been super into the Tower of Geburah books and Ilse is busy rereading the Green Ember series. While I teach the upper grades literature on Wednesdays, my friend Kirsti does a book club with the younger kids. Right now they are reading The 21 Balloons and in club reading aloud Polly and the Wolf.

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    In August, I finished The Benedict Option, How the Irish Saved Civilization, and Treasury of Egyptian Mythology.
    Currently reading: The Latin-Centered Curriculum, For Calvinism, and Gilgamesh the Hero

    What my kids read in August: 8th grader: Emily of New Moon, Hatshepsut and Ancient Egypt, Han Wu Di and Ancient China
    5th grader: 21 Balloons and Hatshepsut and Ancient Egypt
    3rd grader: Stuart Little
    Plus all sorts of random books–which may or may not be twaddle–in their spare time… Warrior Cats, Magic School Bus, other science books, Lego magazines, Minecraft Handbooks, etc.
    What my kids are currently reading: 8th grader: Around the World in 80 Days and Alexander the Great and Ancient Greece
    5th grader: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Han Wu Di and Ancient China
    3rd grader: Trumpet of the Swan
    Current family read-aloud (that we’ve been slacking on): The Iliad

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