CH051: Planning with a Large Homeschool Family (with Amy Roberts)

Season 9: Real Life Homeschooling Tips

This episode is an excerpt of an hour-long live video chat between Amy Roberts and Mystie Winckler in 2016.

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Amy Roberts is the mother of 10, who has children from 20 to 2 years old. She and her husband have homeschooled from the beginning and shares what she's learned and how she does it.Planning with a Large Homeschool Family (with Amy Roberts)Listen:This is a partial transcript of the episode.Mystie: I really enjoyed your post awhile back about how the metaphor of seasons of life affected you and the metaphor you used instead. How we think about our life matters so much and changing the discouraging metaphors is so important. Can you tell us about that?

Amy: I had someone tell me that when this season is over you can do x, y, z. And I just found that extremely discouraging because I have been in this season for 18 years, and I probably have another 18 or more left, so telling me this is just a season was sort of discouraging. I felt I was never going to get past this season.

I really needed to see this a journey or a voyage, where I'm on it and living it right now. Instead of waiting to start my life, this is my life.

Mystie: Even just realizing the metaphor you've been told or have been using is becoming a source of discouragement and finding a way to change that metaphor is key. It matters a lot and can help that mindset, attitude shift, a lot.

So what does planning look like for you?

Amy: It has looked different over the years. For a long time I was able to do our homeschooling planning every Sunday night. I would sit down and plan through the next week. I'm not a long-range planner. I do a little bit at a time, about a week at a time. And some things we have on auto-pilot, so it's never really planned in our homeschool.

Amy then explains her Traveler's Journal planner method

Amy: I'm simply writing down what we've done. If I write down what we've done, I'm way more productive.

Amy then shares her current routine, how it's changed, and what runs on auto-pilot in her home.

Register for free and get immediate access to the full conversation with Amy Roberts - including audio-only format & pdf summary.
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