CH055: Handling Plans with Flexibility (with Celeste Cruz)

Season 9: Real Life Homeschooling Tips

This episode is an excerpt from a video workshop Mystie recorded with Celeste Cruz in 2016. You can register for the entire replay, with bonus support material, by clicking the button below.

Homeschooling with lots of littles (with Celeste Cruz)Listen:

Mystie, homeschooling mother of 5, loves to take big ideas and grand visions and make them practicable in real life. So she blogs about organizing attitudes & systems at Simplified Organization and about classical homeschooling at Simply Convivial.

Celeste is a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mother with 8 children 10-and-under (at the time of this recording - now 9). When she has free hands, she enjoys distance running, nature journaling, beach days, reading, and writing about home education at Joyous Lessons.

You can also find Celeste on Instagram: both at her own account (@celeste_cruz) and as a part of the Charlotte Mason IRL community (@charlottemasonirl).

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