CH057: A Teacher’s Attention

Season 10: Classical Thoughts on Why We Teach

If we start off on this homeschool journey with no idea what education is, why we’re doing it, or where we want to be at the end, we’ll flounder, frustrated and fickle. We’ll have no idea whether what we’re doing is working or if we’re doing a good job.

We have to have a measuring stick to determine if we’re straightened out and moving forward. A measuring stick has a beginning and an end.

Education is properly understood as the care and perfection of the soul. (p.3)

To teach, we have to pay attention to where we are leading and to who we are leading.

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A Teacher's Attention


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Simple Sanity Saver: Teaching Shakespeare

The first step is to do basically a Cliff’s-Notes version of the play. When the plot and the story line are known beforehand, then our attention is free to enjoy the details without having to keep track of who is who.

But we also don’t want the introduction to introduce the idea that Shakespeare is dull. A plain enumeration of the characters and salient plot points makes for a boring introduction and a bad starting point.

So introduce the play with an engaging retelling.

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