CH058: A Teacher’s Goals

Season 10: Classical Thoughts on Why We Teach

Mothers must be both teachers and learners.

As mothers home with our children all day every day, we are their primary influence, especially in the younger years. We can’t just wing it and expect great results or satisfaction.

If we can be always learning, always growing, always stretching, we will be happier and we will be modeling for our children the life we’re asking them to embrace.

“Every one of us should seek out the best teacher whom he can find, first for ourselves, who are greatly in need of one, and then for the youth, regardless of expense or anything.” (Plato, qtd in The Great Tradition p. 4)

Education is about how we treat others and comes by imitation.

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Simple Sanity Saver: Teaching Shakespeare

Familiarity breeds affection, not contempt.

Ken Ludwig, author of How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, writes:

Having thought about Shakespeare for most of my life, I have concluded that the best way to learn about his plays, his language, his themes and his stories with any real depth and integrity is to memorize a few passages from his plays so that you have them at your fingertips.

Memorization doesn’t have to be an ordeal. During the weeks you watch and read the play, simply repeat the lines you’ve chosen for memory.

I print the selections in large font, with the phrases broken up and each on their own line – plenty of white space makes it easier to follow and easier to see in the mind’s-eye for recall. Then before we read or watch or talk about the play, we repeat each selection 2-3 times, all together.

Easy. Simple. It really works.

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How to have fun with Shakespeare for kids simply and easily, even if you think it's too hard – it's not!
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