CH063: Thoughts on Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins

Season 11 : Good Books to Read

If you are starting out homeschooling with a bright-eyed little 5-year-old – a toddler tagging along and another on the way – you eat up the stories of those ahead of you on the journey.

When I was in that spot 8 years ago, I had my mom who had homeschooled 7. I also had other local older moms who let me browse their bookshelves and ask them questions. And then on my computer screen, I had Cindy Rollins, whose ninth child at the time was in elementary school, only a couple years ahead of my oldest. She was about to graduate her oldest, and she was funny and smart and real.

We’ve learned and grown a lot over the years, and Cindy helped us stay on the right trajectory.

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Thoughts on Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins


Simple Sanity Saver: Scholé

Scholé is the Greek word from which the English school is derived. However, it’s translated as leisure, as not-at-work. This contradicts our customary metaphor of school as a student’s job, as well as our typical reason for pursuing school: economic advantage. The older vision of school was of completing a person, of holistically growing and maturing to make him competent and complete, fully equipped not for the marketplace, but for all of life.

How does that vision of education look different from the modern in the day-to-day? It makes a difference in both what we teach and how. A scholé-oriented education favors the arts – not necessarily the technical angle, but the enjoyment angle – and language. It favors attention to the real world around us and immersing ourselves in a creative pursuit; science itself is taught in a wonder-filled, attentive, self-forgetful manner.

Scholé is not just for our students, but for ourselves as well. When we build scholé into our lives, we are giving space to personal growth and development, not for economic advantage, but for spiritual and personal wholeness and well-being.

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