CH065: Thoughts on Living Page by Laurie Bestvater

Season 11 : Good Books to Read

Here and there, what Bestvater often only hints at, is that keeping a commonplace notebook will make you a different sort of person: a Keeper, a noticer, a thought-connector.

So copying from the rich banquet Mason spreads through all the “subjects” is much more than an efficient method of teaching handwriting; it is a daily posture of reception and response.

Bestvater continually calls this activity a posture; it is a liturgy: it gives space, perception, identity, and meaning.

The act of copying is meditative and contemplative, and it makes the thought grow in you just a little more.

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Thoughts on Living Page by Laurie Bestvater



Simple Sanity Saver: Scholé

Scholé is the Greek word from which the English school is derived. However, it’s translated as leisure, and is best developed in Josef Pieper’s small book, Leisure The Basis of Culture

To the ancient mind, scholé was about pursuing truth and losing oneself in the process. The category was broken down less along productive/unproductive lines, but along self-oriented and truth-oriented. To be out working in the world was to be pushing your own goals forward; to be seeking scholé was to set your own agendas and goals aside for the sake of seeing, experiencing, and seeking truth. Scholé means seeking Truth, Goodness, and Beauty first and foremost, laying aside personal agendas, prideful goals, and desires to control so that we can be open and able to embrace Truth, Goodness, and Beauty when we see it.
And we should be seeing it all over the place. God is True, Good, and Beautiful, and we are reflections of Him, called to increase our reflection of Him more and more as we mature and grow all our lives.

So is our focus in our day-to-day homeschools about achieving our own ends or about encountering Truth, Goodness, and Beauty? It might look exactly the same in method, but it is the motives and the priorities – the heart – that is different.

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