Organize your attitude: a conversation with Virginia Lee

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Welcome to a new year and a new plan for the Simply Convivial Audio blog – also known as the Simplified Organization and the Convivial Homeschool audio blogs.

Last year I merged my two blogs into one and so it seems fitting that this year I merge the two podcasts into one.

Every week a new audio blog post will publish on Mondays – no seasons, no themes, just another 10ish minute short but meaty focus session to help you keep your head in the game as a homeschool mom who is juggling many plates while wearing many hats.

No matter what the topic each week, you’ll be redirected to focus your attention on Christ, on faithful stewardship and obedience, and on doing the right next thing – whether that’s in your own head, in your homeschool, or in your house.

But we’re kicking off the year with a conversation Virginia Lee Rogers and I had about keeping our attitudes organized in the midst of real life.


Thank you for joining me for this session of the Simply Convivial Audio Blog.

Start reclaiming your attitude with the all new, redesigned brain dump guide that will walk you through regaining calm clarity inside your own head. Sarah Mackenzie called it a brilliant hack and I think you’ll agree.

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Remember: Life is for sanctification. Repent. Rejoice. Repeat.

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